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Special thanks go to Jeff Lee for this excellent information on caring for a pre-jackshaft Albemarle 24.

Albie tricks I've learned over the years...

Mine is an 84 repowered with a 99 Volvo 5.0Gti/Duoprop. Others may not have these problems/features.

Engine Box Seal

The engine box seal is critical. If the seal is bad, water will drip down on the coil and other important parts. A bad coil will get hot and shut the motor right down. Right now, I have a seal on both the top of the motor box and the lip of the transom. We'll see how long it lasts.

Trim Motor Wiring Harness.

The darned thing is a saltwater magnet. There are two relays on top of the harness. If water gets to those things, they will corrode and short. Not fun when you're trolling in the Norfolk Canyon and the motor starts trimming itself up. I've been through two sets of the harness/relays and think I've finally got it beat by dipping the top of the harness and relays in liquid electrical tape and zip-tying the harness up under the stern.

Stainless Props

I keep my boat in a slip. The stainless props will get eaten if your zincs are not right. Even then, I keep the drive trimmed in the slip. That is not good as far as keeping tension on the outdrive boot, but I've done this for 4 years without having a problem. Cavitation is a problem if you keep the drive trimmed all the way down while running.

Pickup strainer

This was a good one. I had a problem a couple years ago where once I burned 60 gallons, the boat would act fuel starved. It was like clockwork. Happened three trips in a row - once the Flowscan read about 60 gallons, motor starts running rough. Turns out there is a very small screen inside the fuel tank pickup which was getting restricted at a certain fuel level in the tank. My mechanic removed it and tossed it. Flowscan. Speaking of a Flowscan -- best instrument on the boat. It's very, very nice knowing how many GPH you are burning. Very comforting having an accurate measurement of how much fuel you have burned. I have the combo Flowscan/tach. Accurate to within 0.5 gallons at the pump.

Chart Plotter

If you don't have radar (added that this year), a chart plotter is your next best bet in dark/fog. Got caught in a fogbank right at the inlet last year. If you keep a running track on the plotter and have been that way before, you can follow your previous track to get where you're going.

Spares kit

Coil, water pump, plugs, belts, rotor, distributor, filters, get-me-home props, prop nuts.


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